Maggie gets new experiences everyday

Maggie is doing so well!  Today she went to Lowes, Tuesday Morning, PetSmart and got to stand beside a busy highway up close and personal…she handled all of them very well!  The cars and trucks were of interest at first, but soon sniffing in the grass was a lot more interesting and, probably, a lot more productive in her mind!  She had NO accidents in the stores and was very good about waiting until we got outside.  Everywhere Maggie goes, she is a real hit…it is hard to tell people not to let her jump up on them or nip there hands…but she must learn self control.  Maggie met a small yippy terrier and two very tall Flat-haired Retrievers.  She handled them all very well mostly sniffing the terrier (more her size), and she nuzzled up to the large retrievers (who were very polite and friendly).  She actually got right in between them…she makes up for her size with fearlessness!  These outings, as brief as they are, just poop poor little Maggie out and she sleeps like a rock afterwards.  I think it is all the excitement of new experiences.  Today we worked a lot on the “down” command…for her to lie down completely…she did very well; so much so, that she would just lie down without a command and look a me for a treat…no treat unless I ask her to lie down, otherwise she may NEVER get up…LOL.  She is very smart and figures things out very quickly…it gets her to think things through and shapes her behaviors.  Next week we will learn a lot more about “shaping” a dog’s behaviors.  Check out this link to see the kind of training about which I am talking:  It gets the dog to think about what it is doing.  Well, it’s sleepy time for Maggie (and me).  She gets me (me…meaning Phil…lol) up for a potty break every night between 3:30 am and 5:30 am, and is usually ready eat breakfast at 7:30!  So much for a solid night’s sleep and/or “sleeping in”…for now they are things of the past!  We feel it is all worth it…somebody will benefit greatly for our efforts.

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