Maggie goes to BJ’s

We had a new experience today…we went to BJ’s (big box store) to pick up our new eyeglasses.  It gave us an opportunity to expose Maggie to rolling carts, staying still while we got fitted, and more people.  We were able to educate several people on how to (or how not to) approach Service Dogs.  Many people just want to reach down and pet the cute little puppy (can’t say that I blame them), and I politely explain the proper etiquette when greeting a Service Dog.  Most people fully understand and appreciate the dialogue.  In fact, one man to whom I explained this, actually stopped me later in the store and thanked me for taking the time to explain Service Dog etiquette to him.  He said he never new there was an etiquette, but fully understood why it was so important.  Maggie is learning, too.  I find that when someone is allowed to pet her, she must sit first, otherwise she has a tendency to jump up to greet the hand that is about to pet her.  This also keeps her focused on me to see what to do next.  We are all learning through this training process.  I don’t think I have ever enjoyed anything as much as I enjoy this!  In addition to loving Maggie and the goal of all of this hard work, I love meeting new people, and this really opens that door!  That’s it for today, tune in later to what Maggie experiences next!!

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One Response to Maggie goes to BJ’s

  1. Bolts says:

    Phil you are making me jealous… I do understand that it is a demanding 24-7 job with real restrictions. Keep it up she seems to be progressing at a very rapid pace. Til next time~~ Bolts

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