Maggie goes to Giant Food Market and the Veterinarian!

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Thursday night I took Maggie to the grocery store.  The store was not too busy, so she didn’t have a lot of people stopping to ask if they could pet her.  The few that did, I politely explained that we are “working”, and they understood.  When Maggie was focused on me, I did let 2 people “greet” her.  It is important that Maggie learns that she gets her instructions/permissions from me and not make those decisions on her own for this.  The goal is for her to think this through so she always will wait for my permission; otherwise, she would be easily distracted (perhaps from an important task at hand) by approaching strangers.

One very humorous (to me) situation was when we made our way through the fresh meat department!  What a nose!  She came to a screeching halt, lifted her nose in the air, then to the floor…trying to figure out from where that fresh, raw meat aroma was coming…then she sat down.  I cracked up at these antics…laughing out loud as she looked quizzically at me.  I finally got her to move on, then I treated her (with a kibble…not quite what she was salivating over).  It is fun to see how she reacts to new situations, sounds, smells and sights.  She is always learning.

Yesterday, we went to see the Vet!  All the smells going into the office had her quite distracted, but she did keep making progress to the front entrance.  What a surprise for her when she walked through the doors and was greeted by two of her sisters, Lucy (Lucille Ball) andKate(Kathyn Hepburn)!  After a brief sniff, the rough play began, and soon became too rough!  Most of the time they just got to look at each other.

Well, then the real exam began…they all handled this like little troopers…no whining or whimpering through the all of the probing and shots.  She came through the exam with flying colors…she is right on target with her siblings.  Way to go Maggie!

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One Response to Maggie goes to Giant Food Market and the Veterinarian!

  1. Tracie Martin says:

    Love the pictures and the updates on Maggie! We must soon have a playdate for “the girls”, Maggie and Kate. See you Tuesday!

    Tracie (aka Kate’s mom)

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