Maggie goes to her first meetings and then off to Walmart!

Maggie was exposed to her first trial of staying quiet and calm during two meetings yesterday!  Well, what do you think…did she pass?  At the first one, she didn’t quite get it, and fortunately it only lasted about 20 minutes.  The second meeting (several hours later) went somewhat better and she slept through most of it…she only awoke to let me know she had to go outside for a potty break, which is REALLY good!  After our last meeting, we took her for a walk into Walmart.  After the greeter checked her out as a Service Dog, Maggie was welcomed to stroll the aisles.  She did a great job of staying focused on me, though at first she thought she was at a “meet and greet” convention!  As the 1/2 hour went on, she began ignoring others and stayed focused on me.  I had to tell everyone NOT to pet her…she is pretty irresistible at this age!  The public was very understanding when I explained what we were trying to accomplish

It was a day full of new experiences for Maggie…new environments, new noises, new people.  Maggie enjoys being out so much that she resists going back to the car.  In fact, when this smart little puppy sees even the parking lot, she sits, looks at me and will not budge!  With much coaxing, she will eventually walk into the parking lot, then we repeat the behavior when she sees our car.  At that point, I have to pick her up because she is NOT moving!  I am confident she will learn to joyfully enter the car…eventually!  I think we may have to use ring bologna treats (her favorite) as an incentive!

Puppy class tonight!  She loves seeing her siblings every week at Puppy class!  More later…thanks for tuning in!

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One Response to Maggie goes to her first meetings and then off to Walmart!

  1. Sharon Stalker says:

    Funny note – Lucy has the exact same response to leaving a store, restaurant or meeting. She has to be coaxed into the parking lot and then absolutely refuses to budge when she sees our car and I have to pick her up as well! They surely are siblings!!!

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