Maggie’s first snow!!

Maggie just couldn’t figure this one out!  ‘Do I eat this stuff??’  ‘Do I just jump in it??’  ‘Are they just giving me another surface to eliminate on (I actually like this one, I can go anywhere)??’  ‘It is so difficult to find those scents, maybe I just plow my nose into the fluff!’  She figured she should probably do ALL of the above and love everyone of them.  The real stumper is the disappearing snowball!  “How can they throw a ball for me and ‘presto, change-o’ it disappears into the ground?  No matter how long and hard I looked, I could not find it…and I did look looooong and hard!  I am still confused about this”.  I am sure with time, this smart little puppy will figure this one out, too.

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