Maggie continues to go to new places and finds a new friend!

Our little shadow is getting much better about “meeting and greeting” other people….as long as we keep her attention on us, mostly by giving her a constant stream of “treats”. Recently we have been to Giant Food Stores, M & Z Carpets, Office Max, and our grandson’s basketball game (only problem there, she thought they were throwing the ball for her!).  We still have a bit of a problem getting her back in the car…she likes being out and about so much!

We have begun teaching her (and ourselves) how she is to go in and out of elevators. Sounds simple, right?  It can be, but it so very important to do this properly…you never want the doors to get between you and you dog…it could be fatal since they are always on a leash.  So we learned how to ensure that NEVER happens, and practice makes perfect.  Our next great challenge will be to clip her toenails…they are like little razors!  We are teaching her to allow us to approach her paws without nipping at us with those sharp little puppy teeth!

Maggie found a new friend in Sue’s stash of grand-kid toys~ a stuffed tiger that she decided she would like to use as a pillow and some company.  Right now it is almost as big as she is, and it is hysterical to watch her carry it around.  I guess we’ll let her keep it!

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