Maggie learns to “Leave it”…and she does!

Wow!  I am  more impressed than ever with Maggie!  She continues to expand her repertoire of feats…but I must say, I am the most impressed by this one.  Now to put this in perspective…she is a lab (who will eat any and everything), she is a puppy (who will eat every and anything), and THIS WAS RIGHT BEFORE MEALTIME (so she was ready to  anything and everything)!  You get the point…right?  My command was “Leave it”…as I put the dishes right beside her…one delicious piece of chicken breast and one very large piece of ring bologna (her favorite)…and as you see, magnificent Maggie resisted every instinct in her little heart to not devour the bait.  Way to go Maggie!!  What was her reward…pieces of ring bologna of course (from a different source, never from the bait plate).  I can even drop something accidentally from the counter and tell her to “leave it” and she does.  Hopefully soon, she will not even need the command…she will just “leave it”.

She continues to learn…so far she has learned sit, down, stand, stay, come, go to bed, loose leash walking, leave it, and loves to play retrieve (anything she can get her mouth around) and hide and seek ( we hide, she seeks).

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