Enjoying Winter Weather and Onto New Challenges

Maggie is growing and learning.  She weighs in at almost 30 pounds and the vet said she will grow like a weed over the next two months.  Maggie still thinks she is small and asked to curl up on my lap, which I welcome…soon she will be too big, and that won’t work!

Maggie loves to lie in the sun’s rays and soak up the heat through that shiny black coat of hers.  Her other favorite spot is in front of any kind of fireplace or stove.  She especially loves either of those positions when she has been playing retrieve in 26 degree weather (which she also loves)!  That weather is definitely harder on us than it is on her…that’s for sure.

She is learning to “stay” and learning to let us manipulate her paws and nails as we work up to her letting us actually clip them.  We hope to be clipping her nails at her 4 month evaluation later this month (up to this point I have had a groomer clip them).  So far her most challenging “stays” are when I open a door and disappear for 5 – 10 seconds…she passes every time much to my surprise.  Her challenges will become come increasingly more difficult, but she works up to them gradually, and I have every expectation she will meet them.

Of course, as we add new commands, she has to stay sharp on the ones she has mastered (I use that term loosely).  At times, it seems she purposely forgets what I know she has learned so that I will add a really good treat (like cheese or bologna) to get her to “perform”.  Maybe I am giving her too much credit, but I swear she is thinking this through…she is pretty smart you know!

Well, here are some pictures of her in her favorite spots, in her favorite positions, doing her favorite things!

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