Maggie’s nail clipping adventure…Phil’s misadventure!!

Maggie continues to work on all of her skills, and I am working on my nail clipping skills…yikes!  Although we have her to the point where she does allows us to manipulate her paws, her nails and tolerates the clipper being touched to them…my skill level for how to cut the nail leaves a lot to be desired!  Sue was “treating” her to keep her attention, while I, Phil, attempted to trim a nail…which I did, but took a tad bit too much off and, you guessed it…cut the vain.  Oooooh…ouch!!  After putting her paw in a cup of flower and using styptic, it did stop bleeding.  She forgot about it quite quickly, but we could not (she was a lot more interested in chasing a ball)!!  I could not bring myself to trim another one…so maybe for now we will leave it to the professionals.

Maggie is a morning dog.  She is up and at ’em at 6:45 ready to go out and eat  (her favorite pastime by the way).  Her favorite morning routine (after eating, of course) is to curl up on my lap, lick my neck and have her belly rubbed!  She is getting kind of big to do that, but for now I can handle it (it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it).  🙂  She is a very affectionate puppy, loves people and especially children!  And we love Maggie!

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