Maggie graduates from Puppy Class…promoted to Big Dog Class

Wow!  How time flies!  Well, Maggie is doing great…she passed her puppy evaluation with flying colors.  The only remedial work we need to do is nail clipping due to my blundering attempt to clip her nails…but we’ll get there again!  One of her litter-mate’s gave her a really nice bed for a graduation gift, and she has adopted that as her favorite place to hang out and sleep.  Thank you Kate (and, of course Abby, Kate’s trainer without whose hands, Kate could not have made this possible)!!  Aside from Maggie’s super evaluation, the biggest news is how BIG she is getting!  She weighs in at 35 pounds and has very long legs with really big feet into which she promises to grow.  She has a very sweet disposition.  As we continue to socialize her with other dogs, she even shows her sweet side to them.  Part of her socialization with other dogs takes place at the “doggy park” near us.  There she gets to meet and play with all sorts and sizes of dogs.  We keep her in the puppy side for now, as she gets a bit intimidated when a 75 pound retriever tries to play with her!  Someday, she will be their match!  Check out some recent pictures of Maggie showing off her shiny coat, at the doggy park, and in her new bed from Kate and Abby!

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