Maggie takes a ride at Chocolate World!

Today, Maggie went to Chocolate World (at Hershey Park) where she met dozens of people (including very excited children), many other service dogs, and took a ride through the world of making chocolate.  Maggie was a little timid about getting on that moving car, but eventually decided to take the tour.  She sat on my lap while I massaged her, assured her she was safe and the ride was OK.  Sue sat in front with our grandson, Luke, documenting Maggie’s first ride with the camera. Maggie ultimately did really well and had no problem disembarking the ride (which can be as difficult as embarking).

Next, we stopped at McDonald’s for lunch.  She was very good there, and she did what she has been trained to do (most of the time)…and that was to lie down while we ate.  She had the opportunity to greet even more people, which she did very graciuosly.

Finally, we came home to a 5th birthday surprise party for Luke, who had spent the day with us.  That was Maggie’s first surprise party, too.  She loved it as much as Luke did!

After all of this, she should be exhausted, but at 9:42 pm she wants to play “retrieve”, and WE are the only exhausted ones!  We are grateful she is so healthy and has this endless energy…we only wish we had that endless energy , too!

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