Maggie goes to advanced training!

Well, today was the big day…Maggie went into advanced training with 13 other dogs (including all of her siblings).  She was a little puzzled as she watched me drive off without her, but I am sure that will be a distant memory as she “fellowships” with her canine friends and learns lots of new skills.  I assure you, she will sleep well tonight and every night as she will work and play hard each and every day.  The way this works is she trains for 5 days (Monday thru Friday) and we keep her on weekends…a nice transition.  She will train for 8 months in advanced training and then go off with her new owner to whom she will give a new life!!  She is a great dog and we miss her already, but we also know why we are doing this.  Labs are very good about “transferring” affections easily, and I am sure lovable Maggie will do just that at the end of her training.

This weekend is a special weekend as we will be going to SSD’s big fundraising event on Saturday (  Maggie is a back-up for the “Kissing Booth”…she love to give kisses!  I will be helping out on the center stage where lot’s of Service Dog & Police Dog demonstrations will be taking place.  I’ll try to capture some pictures of Maggie in action for my next post!!

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One Response to Maggie goes to advanced training!

  1. Susan Euler Smith says:

    I’m so impressed with Maggie & with you and Sue for what you both are doing. Can I send Brigette to you to learn some manners? She just ate my eye glasses! 🙂

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