Pawsabilities – What a day!!

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs!  What a day, yesterday, for Sue, me, 2 of the grandkids (Annika & Bram), and, of course, Maggie!  Lot’s of all kinds of dogs–big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, short ones, service dogs, and non-service dogs–ALL lovable and very friendly.   The cause was fund raising for Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD).  We had contests, challenges, education, and just a lot of fun the dogs and their human handlers.  A great time volunteering and meeting like-minded people, and a great time for all the dogs to check out their “friends” name, address and social security numbers (if ya’ know what I mean…and if you don’t, you don’t know how dogs greet each other 🙂 )

Pictured below you will see what raising Maggie is all about!  I am pictured with Brenden, a Veteran, who lost his leg serving our country.  He has been partnered with “Dyson”, a BIG Lab who was trained specifically to meet Brenden’s needs.  I met them about two weeks ago at their “team” training, and they are both amazing.  Brenden is so grateful for Dyson and we are so grateful for Brenden’s service to our country.  I saw Dyson in action and he opens doors, retrieves objects, finds phones, “braces” for Brenden to help him out of a sitting position, etc.  All-in-all, service dogs learn about 45 ques and tasks.  They are amazing…SSD’s slogan is “Opening Doors, Changing Lives”.  They truly do change lives…you just have to ask Brenden.

Dyson’s tail…he is so friendly (and strong) that he broke his tail by wagging it so hard it hit the wall and broke.  Once a dog’s tail is broken, it must be amputated.  So that’s the tale about Dyson’s tail!   🙂

I cannot think of a more rewarding endeavor, than to get involved in your local service dog organization as a puppy raiser or sitter, or just volunteering time to help out in other ways.  There is a great need for dedicated volunteers.

This is what it is all about!Maggie meets Dillon Phil and Brenden with Maggie and Brenden (& Grandson, Bram) Phil - grandkids Annika a& Bram - Sue and, of course, Maggie!

Phil, (grandkids) Annika & Bram, Sue and, of course, Maggie at Pawsabilities 2013!
Fearless Maggie meets Diesal!

Fearless Maggie meets Diesal!

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  1. says:

    sounds like you all have a wonderful day! So nice to meet Brandon and see first hand how all the efforts of service dog trainign pay off. Love the pictures, too! Thanks, Phil!

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