Maggie has busy weekend, then back to advanced training!

Maggie came home on Friday exhausted once again, after a good report from her advanced trainers.  I think she slept for 24 hours straight (except for meals, of course)!!  That may be a bit of an exaggeration,  but she did sleep a lot.  This Advanced Training really takes it out of her, but I can tell she is beginning to learn some new behaviors.  She seems a bit calmer and a lot more attentive to me, almost as if she is waiting for me to tell her what she should do…a good thing.  He greetings with strangers are getting better…so things look like they are on track from my perspective.  We have an awesome advance training group, and I can’t wait to see what Maggie learns from week to week.

This weekend I took Maggie almost everywhere with me, including a Boy Scout outing with my grandson, Bram.  We went to Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s  emergency airlift hanger – Life Lion.  Maggie really enjoyed all of the attention the Scouts gave her.  They were very respective of Maggie’s “PLEASE DON’T PET ME, I AM WORKING” vest, and only approached her when given permission. Excellent training for Maggie.

My drop-off this morning was good.  She actually wags her tail now when she gets to the training center…I think in anticipation of meeting the other dogs and the trainers who “treat” her with yummy treats as she learns.  She still has the quizzical look when I am leaving without her, and gives a few token barks, but I am sure she occupies herself quite well when I am out of sight.

Stay tuned for more updates.  If you want to “follow” this adventure, be sure to click “Follow” button on this page for notification of new posts.  Thanks!

Maggie with me and Bram (grandson) at Life Lion Medical Airlift Hanger.

Maggie with me and Bram (grandson) at Life Lion Medical Airlift Hanger.

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