Maggie travels to training with siblings

Well on Wednesday morning, I had the privilege of picking up a couple of Maggie’s siblings (Buster and Lucy) and transport all three together to their training site.  What a blast!  They were so good and glad to see each other.  They just curled up together in the back of my SUV and sacked out for the 30 minute ride!!  I had my camera, but missed my opportunity to take their picture together…bummer.  Maybe I can do that again.  When we arrived at the training kennel, they all three jumped out together and ran right over to the fenced in field to greet all of the other dogs.  What a site that was…all the dogs inside the fence were barking and wagging their tails while Maggie, Buster and Lucy were waiting to go in with them.  Once they were through the gate, it was as if they put the dogs on mute…not one more sound, just play and running!!  They really love to be together, and it gave me some insight as to why Maggie is soooooo tired when she comes home on weekends.  You can see Maggie relaxing and sacked out in the pictures below…she loves her weekends!!  She loves to sleep beside me when I watch TV and is very lovey.  She will make someone in need of that love very happy someday.  It will be bitter sweet for sure to see her go, but what a purpose in life she will have!!  Maggie comes home today for the weekend again, and she will get lots of rest and playtime before she returns to training on Monday.  We cherish the time together while we have it.

IMG_1307 IMG_1317 IMG_1308 IMG_1306

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One Response to Maggie travels to training with siblings

  1. Stephanie says:

    Such funny pictures! She is sooo relaxed! And such big paws she has!! 🙂

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