Maggie and me, then off to puppy hugging future Service Dogs

Sue captured a couple of pictures of Maggie sitting on my lap during our weekend together. Maggie is sooooo affectionate  and thinks she is still a little puppy.  The closer she can get to me, the better she loves it (me, too).  She quite the companion!

On Monday, after we took Maggie back to her “training camp”,  Liam and Luke (two of our grandchildren), along with Sue and myself, went to “HUG” the GB Stuart litter (5 future Labrador Service Dogs).  It was a great experience for the kids, and Sue fell in love with “George”, a cute little chocolate Lab.  Next week the pups get assigned to trainers…we didn’t put our hat in the ring for this litter, but two more litters are right behind them.

While we were there hugging the pups, we had the opportunity to watch Maggie do some of her advanced training…she is learning  to pick up various objects such as a wallet, spoon, and bowls.  She seems to really enjoy the training (she actually enjoys getting the treats for doing the training).   When she saw me, momentarily she ran towards me, then decided training was more satisfying!  Actually, that was a good sign that she enjoys the training.  After that session, Maggie, Luke and I went out to the fields and played “fetch”, which Maggie loves.  After she was all worn out, we took her back to her “kennel mates” (she loves her kennel mates), and headed for home.  It was a full day, and a fun day.  When we finally got back home, Liam declared, “When I grow up, I’m gonna’ have lots of dogs!”

Just a side note, one of Maggie’s litter-mates, Kate, was released from the program.  Kate was way too stressed at the kennel, exhibited by her constant barking.  SSD is very conscious of what the dog is telling them, and in this case, Kate was saying. “I don’t want to be a service dog, let me be a pet”, and so she shall be.  It is bitter sweet for their trainers, but they have themselves a wonderful loving pet, and Kate has a loving wonderful home (along with their other two dogs).  We will miss seeing Kate, but know that she is in a very good home.

(“Click” on the picture below to make them larger)

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