Marcia goes to church and is loved by all!

Marcia has become very comfortable going to church!.  I haven’t told our pastor that he puts her to sleep (not us, just the dog), but then, he doesn’t “bark” out his sermons!  OK, that was my feeble attempt a humor.  Actually, Marcia does exactly what she is expected to do…goes under the pew, and relaxes…and, yes, she does go to sleep, but on her own accord, not because of our pastor.  I was a bit apprehensive about how she would be received, but everyone knows and loves Marcia now.  They refer to her as our newest member (sounds like we’re going to the dogs……there I go again).  She has wonderful temperament, and she just loves to have the children gather around her and pet her endlessly while she is laser focused on me!  Again, just exactly what she is expected to do! She has excellent greetings out in the public.

When not at church, Marcia enjoys making the rounds with us almost every where we go…stores, malls, restaurants, grandkids events, walks…she has a good life and loves to be with us.  She still is that spry 18 month old puppy in the morning, ready to eat and ready to play!  She has really gotten the hang of “clicker” training and understand what the “click” means….TREATS!….only because she was behaving on cue!!  Like Maggie, she is a fast learner.  We are working on “back” (for when she is in tight spaces) and being invited up to lie beside us (called “all the way up”).  We are introducing her to “visit” where she will eventually put her head on our knees on cue, and “lap” where she will drape herself over our legs to apply pressure (this has a very calming effect, particularly on autistic children).  Visit and lap also allow a disabled person to examine the dog’s mouth, eyes, ears, nose, legs, and feet.  Everything we teach her has a purpose and endpoint towards helping a disabled person.  

Remember, if you would like to help support our efforts, please click on the link to the right of this page (under SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY Heading).  Your contribution of any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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