Marcia starts Advanced Training (AT)

Wow!  This came as lot sooner than I thought, but Marcia is 20 months old!  It’s just that we have had her for only 4 weeks, and are  enjoying having her with us 24/7.  Beginning Monday, May 6, she starts a 6 month routine of 5 days of Advanced Training (M-F) with weekends off.  We pick up a tired puppy for weekends of R & R in her nice comfy bed.  She even gets to use us as bed sometimes (see picture below).  She will often ask to come up and lie beside us, but occasionally she just wants to be closer and takes a nap on top of us.  We will have to wait for our weekends to feel that soft bundle of love curled up near us!  Advanced Training for Marcia will go until October, at which time she will have a partner (our ultimate goal).

She really is ready for AT.  She knows most of her basic cues, and those she has not learned to date, she will learn at AT.  Some of her cues for certain desired behaviors are different from the ones she had learned at Guiding Eye for the Blind (GEB), and she has had to transition to ours. But she is a smart dog and has been doing really well in that department in the short time we have had her.  Her adventure continues….stay tuned to follow Marcia as she proceeds through her AT!

Remember, there is still time to support our Highmark Walk…only need $15 to make my goal.  No amount is too small (link is at the right under “Sponsorship Opportunity”)!  Thank you for those already on board

(Click on picture below to enlarge)

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2 Responses to Marcia starts Advanced Training (AT)

  1. Liz Garthly says:

    Love seeing her snuggled across you Sue. Sweet gentle Marcia:) Have a sweet weekend.

    Love you both,

  2. Jamie says:

    She looks so like her mom in those photos

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