Maggie meets Marcia…and what a meeting it has been!!

Yesterday was quite the day!  Because of an accident on the interstate, my 30 minute trip to the training kennels took me 2 hours, but it was worth it to pick up little Marcia who was patiently awaiting my arrival!  She was so excited to see me (and vice-verse).  She was “housed” with two other black labs.  To the disappointment of the other two, I could only take Marcia.  They would be picked up later when their raisers arrived.  Marcia had a busy and successful first week!  I could tell she worked hard because she slept the whole two hours back to our home.

Then there was the ARRIVAL!!!  What a surprise to walk into HER house and find another dog.  Neither Maggie, nor Marcia knew exactly how to react…so they reacted as any dog would, but checking out each others name, date of birth and social security number…if you know what I mean!  When it was determined they were friendlies, it was party time!  They jumped, kissed, mouthed, and looked for a play toy.  Once it was determined that the “yellow ducky” was the toy of choice, we made our way out to the yard for some stress relief!  I never saw two dogs so joyful…running, playfully nipping at each other, chasing the yellow ducky seemingly in tandem, and running back to me so they could start all over again!  This could have gone on for an hour, but I decided 20 minutes of this was enough for them and ME.  The tired puppies came in and drank all of the available water.  I thought they would collapse and sleep through the night…NOT!  They still wanted time to get to know each other a little better, so the playtime continued indoors.  I think some of it was to determine who was going to be the Alpha female…and I think Maggie (the smaller of the two) won that contest.  I looked down and there was Marcia on her back and Maggie standing triumphantly over her.

The next step was to see who could get the best of Sue’s and my affections.  I think that ended in a draw (see the picture below).  These are two very special dogs!  They have played with each other, kissed each other, and finally did sleep next to each other.  They are friends now, and have made a memory for us that we will never forget.  Two service dogs who seemingly felt a camaraderie that only they and we could understand.  It is a wonderful experience to see these two beautiful dogs love each other and their human handlers with such ease, devotion and affection.

When evening arrived and it was bedtime, they found comfort in each other.  As all good, selfless service dogs should do, they SHARED their bed and crate voluntarily. It was amazing to see them curled up together…sleeping!  In the morning they got me up together, ran outside together, pottied together and ran back together, then, ate together.  It is almost like they are each other’s shadow…inseparable!

We tried to capture some “moments” with our camera that will illustrate with pictures, what I tried to express in my narrative.  Enjoy them…

Next weekend, I walk in the Highmark Walk to do my part in supporting SSD and the wonderful work they do.  If you would like to help in the great work, please click on this link to contribute:

Thanks to those who have already contributed, and in advance to you who will be giving.

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2 Responses to Maggie meets Marcia…and what a meeting it has been!!

  1. says:

    What fun pictures,, Phil! I don’t know who is happier with this new arrangement…Macia, Maggie or YOU!!! LOL!!! I’m betting that they both end up as permanent residents at the Bender Homestead!

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