Highmark walk with Maggie and Marcia

Today we walked a mile to raise money for SSD (SSD raised over $10,000, a new record).   The “girls” did very well considering all of the other dogs, people and various other distractions (food, balls, balloons).  I want to thank all of those who “walked” with us through your encouragement and kind words, and for those who were able to contribute to our cause (Linda Macdonald, Patrick Buggy, Marianne Griswold, Marcia Scattergood, Joy Macdonald, and Stephanie Bender)….THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  We’ll do this again next year, Lord willing, and you will again have the opportunity to participate with us.  By that time we will be well underway with raising and training a brand new puppy!  Since two dogs kept our hands very busy with leashes, clicking and treating, I was only able to get a few pictures of the event.  One of the picture is of Maggie and BIG brother, Buster! Buster is being assigned to the Cumberland County Courthouse in a pilot program where he will help nervous testifiers calm down enough to testify in a court of law (mostly children).  Buster is like a big Teddy Bear, and he starts his new venture the first week in June.  Buster gets to go home with his handler every night (with two young children)…what a life!  We’ll miss you Buster, but you will be doing a great work.   http://courthousedogs.com.

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One Response to Highmark walk with Maggie and Marcia

  1. Terry Downs says:

    So glad the walk was so successful, Phil! Love the pictures, too. Sorry I missed the boat this year…next year I won’t! J

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