Marcia goes home

Well, sweet little Marcia went back to Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB) today.  She “told us” that she just didn’t want to be a Service Dog.  It was a bittersweet happening, but I think it will better for Marcia.  This is one of the many things I love about our organization, SSD.  SSD is very sensitive to what is best for the dog.  We can’t always meet our goals to put them into “service”, either because the dog is not suited for the type of service needed, or there is not a demand for the service the dog can perform.  Examples would be when a dog is not suited for helping a disabled person, but might be suitable to work with the CIA or ATF as a bomb or substance sniffer.  The CIA/ATF jobs are hit and miss…they may or may not need a dog when we have one available.  In both Marcia’s and Maggie’s cases, they were not suited for Guide Dog or Service Dog work.  What’s next for Marcia?  We do know she had some “kennel stress”, and I am sure that will be taken into consideration for her next steps, which have not been disclosed by GEB.  I will have to update you when I know.

Maggie is still with us, awaiting a call from the CIA or ATF.  We are thoroughly enjoying her while we have her.  What we do know, so far, is that if we do not hear from the CIA/ATF by Monday, next steps for Maggie’s destiny will be determined, and presumably the CIA/ATF option will be off the table.

Is this an emotional roller coaster?  You bet, but in this business, I am learning patience is a virtue!  As long as we don’t project what we are feeling onto what the dog might be  feeling, we are OK…the dogs can handle it, we humans have a more difficult time with it.

Having said that, I think Maggie misses Marcia, we sure do!  LOL

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

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One Response to Marcia goes home

  1. says:

    Oh how sad, Phil!! ;0( You all looked like one big happy family~~
    I know you were feeling just as bad as Maggie, too. Attachment/Detachment isn’t easy for any of us creatures!! But keep up the good work, and enjoy Maggie while you have her.

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