“I’m taking over the posting”, Maggie

This is ridiculous!  I know you all have been out there wondering, “what has happened to poor Maggie?”, and Phil has not kept you up to date.  When I finally figured out how to log onto his account, I was shocked to see that he had not posted anything about me (not even a picture) since June 6th!  So, let me catch you up on how I am doing.  First, if I must say so myself, I am a beautiful 2 year old (that would be a 14 year old teen in human  terms…but I digress)…Phil does keep me prim and proper…has me bathed, nails trimmed and polished, ears and eyes cleaned every month.  I get plenty of exercise (I have him trained to throw the ball, and each time I bring it back to him, and he thanks me to boot!). He got me the most comfortable bed in the world…I literally disappear into it since is black like me…I get plenty of beauty rest time.  Sometimes I think Phil gets a little annoyed with me when I get him up at 4 A.M. ’cause I gotta pee, but he gets up anyway.  I think he is trying to get me to hold it a little longer until, maybe 7 A.M.  Sometime I accommodate him, especially if he tells me to go back to bed in a grumpy voice…I feel sorry for him.  But, I do insist that he gets up to feed me anytime between 5 A.M. and 7 A.M. (at the latest)…I am STARVING by then, so a left paw on the head while he is sleeping usually does the trick.  Overall, I think I am treated pretty well.  This Service Dog thing would have been OK, but I just didn’t think I was cut out for it..so I let them know ever so subtly.  Now, I had some good friends that I met a SSD who just loved it, and I am sure they are happy helping others.  Me, I just wanted to be a pet, and Phil and Sue are the perfect owners for me.  After all, they raised me before I even knew I was supposed to go outside to “get busy”.  That’s all behind me now, and I think I turned out to be a model pet most of the time.  One last thing, before Phil catches me on his computer…Phil’s daughter’s family got a little white fluffy dog (Jingle Belle) and we get along fabulously.  I let her chase me…it helps her self esteem…she’s so tiny…but my selfless efforts sure do wear me out…I can sleep for hours after that.  I don’t see her often, but when I do…it is game on!  Well, me next step is to learn how to use Phil’s camera so I can snap a few pictures of myself in action (maybe I can train Phil to do that, too).  Then I just have to learn how to upload them into his computer so YOU can actually SEE how beautiful I am.  Well, gotta’ go…modestly yours, Maggie.

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4 Responses to “I’m taking over the posting”, Maggie

  1. Terry Downs says:

    Maggie, sweetie, you are sumpthin’ else! Do you have any idea how good you have it? Why neither Bill nor Terry would EVER get up to put me outside to pee….not until THEY were up! Same with eating. I just had to hold it and be hungry until they were awake and ready. Guess I was a FAIL when it came tto training them. 😦 But you on the other hand have succeeded masterfully! If I was still alive I would want to be tutored by you!!
    Jealously yours,
    Cocoa Bean’s Ghost

  2. Liz Garthly says:

    Oh Maggie….that was so well done. I have no doubt that pictures will be following soon:) What a sweet girl you are to take time to play with Jingle Belle. I’ll bet she thinks of you as her brother. Good work getting Phil up in the morning…I wake up Bill and Liz so that I can go out and chase whatever animal has come onto our land and that could be at least 3 times a night. Bill usually feeds me in the morning and since he has to start the fire in the cookstove before preparing my breakfast I have to wait until about 9 to get fed….and I’m starved by then! I’ll keep a watch for more news when mom and dad go away. Keep in touch. Max, a loyal fella.

  3. Jingle belle says:

    Maggie you know I could take you. And for the record, I slept till 7:45 today and didn’t even make a peep while my master got his first cup of coffee this morning. You need to take a lesson from my fluffy little self! Paw on the face would not fly around here!

  4. richbolton@comcast.net says:

    Maggie we are looking forward to your sending some recent pictures of holidays.. Our 4 ( Bear,Andy, Beau, and Darby) had to remain at home with a sitter on Christmas but will bring in the New year with us tonight. We will probably wrap up the festivities by 9:30. Stay in touch…Your followers in Georgia

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